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As of Jan 1, 2016, this blog is no longer updated. Old content remains for records.

Feel free to read the topics categorized by label: the posts are some of my private thoughts, opinions, and photos made publicly available. All rights reserved. If anything needs clarification, questions are welcomed via email
Happy reading !

The purpose of this site/blog is to provide additional information not found in current social media sources (Linkedin -used mainly for work, Google+ -used mainly with current friends, Twitter -used mainly as a news feed, Facebook -used mainly with old high school and some college friends, etc). The goal is for you to read topics or view photos of interest to your search.

Note: Most of my day is busy with work & family (toddler son + baby daughter) which leaves very little time to manage any social network. Thus: this blog has no RSS feed or comment system enabled. Best contact method is email or cell.